Hey everyone,

I wanted to try my new microphone and USB audio interface and my vocals out so I decided to record one of my favorite songs on Green Day's new album. All the guitars and vocals are recorded by myself. I programmed the rest of the instruments though. Please give constructive comments and critiques. I will do C4C if you leave a link.

Here's the link:

i havent heard this song but i think it sounds pretty damn good, nice singing and the recording quality is amazing
Hate Green Day after the American Idiot massacre, and the recent album just stacked on more hatred. HOWEVER! This was a very good cover, and the vocals were pretty nice. I'm not sure how they sing it on the album, but I'm guaranteeing that you are better than their singer, haha. The quality was superb, you could have just told me this was on the album and I would have believed it.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1157033
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"You've Got to Belong To It"
you sound like the singer for Oasis on this song...I haven't heard the original, but this sounds pretty good. The very beginning is just a little shaky, but after that you even out pretty well.

All in all, a good vocal performance.

Thanks for the crit.
Quote by irongolem85
you sound like the singer for Oasis on this song

Thanks for the crit.

That is probably the best compliment I've heard about my vocals!

Thanks for everyone who listened, this was just kind of a demo for vocals and guitars! I'm just glad it wasn't a flop