i just got a hondo revival series flying v guitar. some things are unclear about it like the neck. i was told it was a thru neck but i was also told it was set. the body wood is apparently mahogany but inside it looks like layers of wood pressed together. it has grover tuners and i dont know about the bridge but its floating. mine has a crack in the neck going down and diagonal from the nut on the low e side of the neck. another thing it has 2 tone and 1 volume. hmmm. oh well. i just wanted to know more about them because i wasnt alive then (im 15) and id like to know what i bought. i payed 150 for it so i thought it was a good deal. i heard they were worth like 500 to 1000. i already know about the whole samick guitars bought out something or another or something else. i just want to know about the guitar. maybe some pics of yours? havent figured out how to put picks on yet.