I recently decided to try something, i have a BC.Rich Warbeast and a Gibson SG and my Gibson has some Really good heavy pickups, not sure what there called tho. But im thinking of replacing my Warbeast pickups with my Gibson pickups.
To re-wire would i have to go by Gibson wiring diaphrams cause they are gibson pickups or would i just go with Bc.rich wiring diaphrams with gibson pickups on a bc rich guitar?

can't you just play the gibson? putting the pickups into the warbeast likely will not change the sound much.
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don't, the gibson's body has a lot to do with the tone, and it won't be the same in the bc rich
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1.- whats your amp? the right amp will make your warbeast sound heavier than anything.
2.- gibson pickups are pretty "meh" IMO. you would be better getting some duncans or dimarzio. if your amp is not a tube amp, i dont reccomend getting EMG's, because some EMG's are designed to averdrive the input of a tube amp, and that will sound bad in your little SS amp.
3.- why dont you just play the gibson? after all, it has the sound you're looking for
4.- also, it's schematic diagram, or just diagram or just schematic, not diaphram. if you are doing the changes in the warbeast, it's kinda logical you must check the warbeast diagrams, however, there are different kinds of pickups (4 conductor, 2 conductor and single conductor) and i dunno wich ones are in your warbeast. check this:

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Yeah thanks for your help everyone but i decided to just buy some pickups for the B.c Rich.