well, Jeff Loomis had a solo project, they toured a lot, also. i don't know about health issues, tho. i know Steve Smyth had some health issues, but he left before they started working on the new album i think, but i'm not sure.
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oh well do they have a new rhythm guitarist now? (excuse me if smyth was not the rhythm guitarist, im only familiar with loomis and dane)
Smyth quit due to health problems, he's working on his solo stuff now.
They don't have a new rhythm guitarist. They had Chris Broderick for a while but he joined Megadeth so.
Warrell and Jeff both have solo albums they worked on.
They start recording the new album in October I think. Maybe August.
That's about it.
I really wish Chris would have joined Nevermore. Can you imagine the guitar solos? Loomis vs. Broderick.

I really have nothing useful to add to this thread, except I think the gap was due to a bunch of touring.
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i wouldve put it in the nevermore thread about nothing ever seems to get answered in those band threads. i didnt know warrel had a solo album. what is the name?
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The will be heartache,
there will be rain,
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