that sell guitars/amps/bass ect.. like zzounds or musiciansfriend taht have a return policy where i can return the item within a certain time and get my money back

i am a left handed guitarist and the only guitars that shops near me carry are cheap strat knockoff's or cheap acoustics
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i thought you could return something to musiciansfriend.com within a month or something?
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if its an issue with wanting to try it before you buy it cant you just mess around with the right handed ones in the store near you just to get a feel for the sound? would be easier than buying online and returning it if you dont like it again and again.

tire me, youre seriously going to tell me theres a rule against talking about where to buy guitars on a guitar website? and even if there is you would waste the time of reporting such a ridiculous rule? fail

lastly visible noise, you are correct i quote from their own website "If you are not completely satisfied with any product, you can return it for a full refund or credit (of the product purchase price) toward a different product. We give you 45 days from the shipping date to make your decision. That’s the best guarantee in the music industry.", and also your sig rules, ensi ftw.
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I think it would be against UG's rules, try google.


actually no i was thinking it might before i posted it but i went through and read all the rules and no it says nothing about asking something like this
You do know that most guitar shops, even the little sketchy ones, will order guitars for you directly from the manufacturer. Lets say you wanted a left handed Ibanez SAs32 that your guitar shop didn't have. Go up to the front desk, ask them to order it for you. You will pay pretty much the same price as if you were to buy it from musician's friend or zzounds.
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