This is a thread for everything Halo 3.
Basic rules are try not to abuse anyone too much, stick to Halo 3 or at least something relevant to Halo 3 and that's about it.

First thing I want to know is peoples main tactics when playing in a free for all game. Do you reckon camping/using endurance tactics or all out attack fairs better.
No, we have the gaming thread for a reason, broski.

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Halo 3?

What a n00b.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Halo 3

I could see where you're coming from cuz cod is fun and all but for competition of skill and teamwork, halo 3> all especially cod4. Sorry if this thread should be locked
Got to a 44 in Team Snipers and then gave up, too much American host ******ry and bridging at that level.
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Yea right I played ctf on Halo the other day and went 23-8 and captured the flag two times by myself. I don't even own an xbox. COD4>>>>>>Halo 3
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