i recently got a head and cab, check sig, and i love the tone, still dialing in different sounds, just seeing what there is to see, but that's not the problem

i have a pod xt live, which i WAS using as the basis of my tone via the models before i got the new amp, and now i just want to use it for effects until i upgrade to possibly new effects pedals, and plus it has anything i would use and then some

but here's the problem, it's not so much getting it hooked up, it's this....

when i run my pod in the loop, when i have it at a volume i like, that is, very little drop from the loop on or off, but when i do, it says "clip" in the top right hand corner, which, as i recall, means, that the signal is digitally clipping, and that's really bad from what i recall...

my problem is this, how can i keep volume to where i don't have to turn my amp up to 3 which is pretty freaking loud, there must be a way to get the pod to do this

any info that can help?

also, for people who may not know specifics about the pod, you can pick, line or amp level, you can adjust the level out, and that's about it other than just upping volume on the channel or whatever

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