I know that a lot of people use the Boss NS2 and the ISP Decimator as noise reduction pedals, but what is the real difference? Guitar is an Ibanez RGA121 with Dimarzio Evo 2 and PAF Pro, and amp is going to be a 6505+. Please don't just say this is better than that.

How do they compare in keeping tone and sustain and actually cutting hum and buzz? i play music like All Shall Perish and Darkest Hour mostly, and do a lot of sweeping and soloing if that matters.
an easier way to celan up unwanted noise from sweeping it to put some material under the strings to dampen them near the brige.
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I play in drop F. When I chug on the 6th string the floor splits open and satan crawls out.
I can't answer your question, as I have used neither, but I did notice that you have the same pickup combo that I'm thinking about putting in my custom RG swirl that I built.... How do you like the p-ups together? Do you recommend them?