I ran out of strings a couple months ago, and somehow every time I stopped at guitar center I forgot to pick up some stowaway packs. Today, I realized I needed to change the strings to my Schecter C-1 Elite and I decided I wanted to try some different strings. I read in an interview with Coheed and Cambria that Claudio Sanchez swears by Everly B-52 strings, and I found out yesterday that a store about 10 minutes away from me carries them.

What I want to know is, has anyone tried these strings before? Most of the reviews make them seem like they completely change your tone, but even if that is not true, are they durable and pleasant to the ear?

The homepage for Everly B-52 strings can be found here:

By the way, I am thinking of getting either the 9210 (.10-.46) or the 9220 (.10-.52 hybrids).