thats really good dude well done
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Overall its pretty solid. Not my cup of tea musically but still pretty good. My one major beef was with the Interlude starting at Bar 46, Just seemed forced to me. The Solo was pretty damn great IMO though bars 79+ dont seem quite right.

Overall I'd give it a 7/10. Has room for improvement but the basis of the track is pretty solid.
Why did the Drum track say Piano? Anyway, nice paranoid Intro. The Verses weren't as good, they sounded like they were trying to rip off Raining Blood. Pre-Chorus was nice and chaotic. I think you should have used a different riff for the Chorus. Interlude was very nice. The solo was weird, but nice. I think you should use the riffs less often, and change. On the whole, nice, but nothing special.
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I thought it was nice. Didn't really like the solo at the end though.

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I liked the start, but I didn't like what the bas splayed during the intro. Didn't really car for the little harmonies being played at measures 9&10. It picked up and stayed pretty consistent. I would put toms on every quarter note on the drums in the interlude. The only really "bad" part is the last solo. Good work otherwise.

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this is not just another Megadeth wannabe in UG, this was actually really cool, there's something wrong with the solo but IDK what is it, but overall 8/10
The intro is pretty cool a bit dissonant but it could work. Cool verse riff. btw i liked the standard version more. The solo needs to be redone totally. Not much else to say.

good luck sir.
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