So i've really started to get into KSE latley and want to learn some of their stuff

Any suggestions on something easy?
The only Kse I know is that song Fixation on the Darkness, which I had to learn to play filling in for a friend's band who was covering the song.

I was never a huge fan to be honest.
alot of there music is sorta easy once you get into the grove of it if you know what i mean
try um fixation on the darkness or holy diver
Yeah, like metalheadblues stated there stuff is pretty simple. It's all straight forward for the most part, and personally i'd say most songs follow the same formula.

I say learn "End of Heartache" everyone knows it and it's simple enough.
I started with "my curse" its a blast and im a pretty big fan own all the albums
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Late Goblin67
Most of their music is quite simple. Just get a handle on down picking and gallops (NOT triplets, ffs) and you should be fine.