Too many models out there! Its driving me nuts!

Ok, so here's what I play. I do covers mostly. Bruce Springsteen, Weezer, Oasis, the Cranberries, you get the idea. I go from Death Heavy to bright and clean. I play out of a Fender FM 100 H and matching 4X12 cab, and run basic effects (at the momment) I use a Starcaster Chorus Pedal and a Danelectro Flanger.

When I want to go all effects crazy I have to plug into the Line 6 Spider III and re-tool of the shortboard. I dont like switching from my stack to the line 6 all that much, and I came into some money, and can spend up to $500 bucks on a Multi Processor.

I've been looking at the Zoom G9.tt, Vox Tonelab, and Line 6 M13, as well as the Boss ME-70, and GT-10.

What are your suggestions, the good the bad, and the ugly. I want to take my effects to the next level, and a nice board my be the answer, or not, maybe pedals.

Thoughts? I need some help.
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I've seen something quite interesting done with lots of effects used on a JCM 900, they sort of mixed effects chains into the amp footswitch. Maybe you could do something like that, build some form of simple external effects loop box, with individual effects.

Multi effects processors can make things simple, but they sound fairly crap.
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Can't beat that. Haha.

Anyways, my opinion is that if you're looking at the GT10 got try it out first. I find that the GT series has too many options and its very difficult to dial in a sound while squinting at the small screen.

The Line 6 M13 is conceptually interesting, but you lack the amp and cab modelling IIRC but I guess its not critical for your needs right?

Have you considered the Line 6 XT3 and the XT3 Live? Having a USB hookup to line up all the effects is really helpful. Dunno if the GT10 has this feature though.
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I've heard great things about the Line 6 POD X3. A buddy of mine owns one, and he doesn't stop ranting about it. You can hook more than one instrument up to it, as well as more than one rig. The modelling is supposedly second to none. I myself have heard him play on it, and it sounds fantastic, however he says it takes a little while to program.

It's a little more pricey as multi-effects processors go, but it's around your budget.
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Boss ME-70 or GT-10
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