You Sir dont need any help writing. All you need is better recording methods, better mixing and mastering, even if it's just using Ozone at home, maybe some better patches like the organ could be better, and you would go far with this stuff.

Very original, creative, reminds me of Jeff Healey. Good guitar work, good arrangement. Very good effort.
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But I do use Ozone, this is a bedroom recording, and the organ is a real 70's organ. It's not exactly the right kind of organ but it's the only real one I have at the moment. But yeah I would love to record this stuff in a studio! Hopefully I get the chance. That's my goal anyway!

Thanks again, I appreciate you taking the time. Do you have anything you want me to comment on or listen to?
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Hey man,

Good work - I like how it's still accessible as a pop tune, but it's also got that Broadway jazz feel. Great vocals, they had character, uniqueness, which was good.

For the pre-chorus (? I'm guessing that's where it fits within the format, "you can put your heart..."), I would do something other than the octave down for vocal harmonies - maybe a falsetto octave up or a stronger harmony on the 3rd of the scale.

I like the feel that the harmonica gives it, though I'd bring it down a titch; I like it when it's more subtle (like when it first comes in).

Overall, structured well, I liked how the key change fit in, and a job well done - I think you achieved just the sound you were after.

Slicedit: Oh, and if you could crit mine (link in sig), that would be fabtacular.
Cheers man.Yeah there's one up the octave but you've just made me realize I didn't mix it loud enough, thanks for pointing that out I'll have to fix it. Good point about the harmonica too. Cheers.

Cool, thanks. I'll listen to your track now!
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I actually really like it. You have an amazing voice, and the whole song just seems to groove and flow together really well. I also like how the song didn't sound repetitive at all and actually kept my interest throughout. I'm trying to think of something to help you improve, but I can't think of anything that hasn't already been said. Great work and keep it up! Here is my stuff if you would like to crit it: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1154892
I'm loving this, it sort of takes me back to the music I used to listen to with my parents in the car when I was a kid.

This is so well put together, the guitar had a nice tone to it as well. Sounds like an old germanium fuzz or some overdrive?
The chords and guitar bits intertwined beautifully with the organ and rhythm.

The piano was probably my favorite, it has really upbeat feel which I liked most about your song. Just great work overall. I could listen to this driving along a scenic byway in my car, can't think of any proper critiques, other than saying fantastic job and great signing too.
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