Okay I bought this guitar from a friend for 175 dollars. He told me he payed 400 for it used. He needed money for his truck to get it running because he was moving away and it wouldn't run- something like that. Well it is a Dean and the tremolo is licensed for it. There is not one after market part on it. And I can assure you its not a Polamino. The color is more of a highlighter-yellow. Picture makes it look greener. Can some one here in UG tell me, if at all possible, the following things: Its value today (It's in great shape) How old or new it is, and finally; The name of the model. Some one please help me!
Are you kidding me?!
Thats very violent. Seriously, why on earth would you buy a guitar that colour.
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haha, why wouldn't you buy a guitar that colour? I mean really, what better way to get attention than to have an out of controll guitar. and isn't that the whole point of what we do?
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the funny thing about those ads is, if i could steal a car at the comfort of my own computer in my own house, i would.

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Ahahaha TS just got gobsmacked.
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That thing is sick. Free bump for you
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