I'm well and truly sick of roger federer. It's not just because he wins, i just hate him for some reason. Whenever i see him he looks like he's not trying for half of the match, and he's always looking like a pissed off baby. and then he goes at winges when he comes second in a tournament instead of first, then when he wins he still manages to winge on the podium.

Keep this thread to strictly bitching, no support for federer as it would cramp my irrational hate.

I quite like him, I find there are far worse sports men on the tennis court, and Federer definitely seems like one of the more humble people playing.
For fuck's sake: English is not his first language and he's really good mates with Roddick. At least we didn't get a Murray winning speech, along the lines of 'The rest of the british team are rubbish and I'm amazing.'

I don't think TS realises how hard it is to express humility when you've just won the world's most prestigious tennis tournament.