im not some guitar pro but im pretty positive you have to get a thicker gauge or lightr im pretty sure a thicker though. idk really just trying to help.
It would help a bit if you mentioned what sort of bridge you have. String gauge shouldn't make any difference as the maths involved is all proportional.
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From what I understand then that means that if you can't move your saddle anymore then the bridge itself needs to move...

And string gauge does not make any difference as you are trying to make 12th fret to saddle the same length as nut to 12th fret....

So basically no... I dunno what to suggest apart from take it to a pro..

Yeah, get it professionally setup. I wish I'd have done this with my EX-50, I went too far with one of the saddles and the washer that keeps the intonation screw in place popped out. Still haven't gotten it back in, so the intonation is off as hell on G.