What Echo pedal Should You buy!?

Theres been alot of discussion on the internet to what delay pedal is the best for the money for a non-professional player.

Digitech arnt the most talked about, on the 0therhand the Boss DD Pedals welcome most of the distress to young guitar players due to the small adjusts given in each one.

So which is the best quality echo pedal?

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I LOVE my Digitech Hardwire DL-8. It's wonderfully flexible, has many different types of delays (everything from vintage analog to richly saturated ones) and one step on one knob can change the sound quite a bit, so it's very powerful that way. The looper is pretty nice when you're playing alone and want something to solo along with. It's indestructible, comes with a stomplock and is true bypass (though this can be turned off if desired).

It's a bit on the upper end of the price range, I guess. But yeah.
Try the space echo by boss its a great pedal
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My local guitar store has a Marshall analog delay and a Boss digital delay. I don't like the Marshall one because the switch is a small round metal button, which would be rather painful if you used it without shoes. But I'm not convinced about the Boss because a)it's digital, and b)it's expensive. What should I do?
Try a bunch of them out, don't take other peoples advice on what to get. Go on youtube, some of the reviews there are great especially from Andy @ proguitarshop. Listen to them, and figure out what you like. I settled on the MXR Carbon Copy cause it sounded really nice to me, I wanted analog and it was a good deal.
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Do you want Digital or Analog? Digital isn't a bad thing, it's another kind of delay just so you know.
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Do you want Digital or Analog? Digital isn't a bad thing, it's another kind of delay just so you know.

Whats the difference between Digital and analog? Is there a massive tone differentiation? or just the price?