So I'm thinking about buying a Les Paul standard. But I've been having a good look and noticing that there are lots of Chinese fakes that are still badged Gibson.

Anyway, the point of this thread is, I'd like to know the best way to pick the fakes from the reals?

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There was a thread about this very topic a few days ago... check the search bar... I remember the thread even had a link to site which showed how to identify fake gibby LPs.
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just remeber this

if it looks too good to be true then its probably fake
also 3 screw truss rods
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The SG Thread pwns your thread.
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the fakes will usually cost about as much or less than an epiphone. Also they are quite easy to spot because there will just be something not quite right about the way they look - although, there's something not quite right about the appearance of a lot of norlin era gibsons.. but i've never seen a fake claiming to be a norlin.

also guys, maybe he's been playing guitar for longer than most of you have even existed, and saved up every penny he can for that long to afford gear like that? you never know.
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thats true i guess, i hate being poor
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The problem is the fakes are getting better and better. I have come across a few that would pass for real to most shops and collectors just by looking at it and examining the exterior. The old giveaways were the three screw truss rod cover and angle of the head stock but the newer fakes are coming with those correct. The serial numbers will come up as real if you check them but sometimes the dates will not jive with the year a particular guitar was made. The only thing I am sure of is the finish is not Nitro and probably poly but I prefer poly so that wouldn't matter to me.

My friend got a Zakk Wylde aged LP last year serial # ZW 004. I know the real ZW 004 is already owned by someone else. Gibsons price is over eight grand he paid $450.00. He brought it by right after he bought it and I gave it the once over plugged it in and played it put it thru it's paces. The guitar was flawless and sounded awesome! Joe is a much better guitarist than I am by far and he loves it and uses it now when he gigs. If it wasn't for the price and the fact someone already owns the real deal. I would have sworn it was real myself. It even came with all the paper work! I opened the cavity cover and the electronics were the major giveaway even though Gibson is using pots made in China now they were not the same. The EMGs seemed real to me I have no clue how you could spot a knockoff EMG if they exist. I told him if he ever wants to sell it i would take it off his hands for what he paid but he it doesn't seem like he will give it up anytime soon.

For $450.00 w/HSC and the correct looking Gibson paper work and all, it's well worth the money an Epi ZW even costs more without a case. I just wouldn't want to get caught trying to resell it as real. One last comment on the case. The cases these come with are very well made I wish I could score those cheap with or without the Gibby logos.

Go to Gibson's web page they have an article posted on how to spot a fake but it's really dated because they fakes are much, much better now. I am sure they got their hands on a pretty bad fake too.