Guitar Pro 5 contains an excellent VST known as Realistic Sound Engine. The engine itself is very well done. Despite the coding the samples are rather rushed, therefore the "realistic guitar sounds," sound horrible. I've asked Arobas Music several times how they code their fsb files (the instruments), but they told me I could not. I have the formatting right, but I get RSE error 43, and 53. If that could be fixed, then I could make my own RSE instrumets, for example a pre-distorted guitar, or a piano.

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I'm not sure but when I open the presets with textedit or notepad, i can just modify them...
I think you should be able to work out what the different things do by trial and error, hope this helps... it works for me
RIP Gooze

I was not talking about the effects engine I was talking about the instruments themselves