So I am getting a guitar at the end of the month as I haven't played in a good while and I dunno a switch has been turned on and the past little while now I just can't this guitar stuff out of my head.

I am looking to pick up an RG350Dx or something similar to it.


It's a pretty cheap guitar, like 500 bucks and the stock pickup's I'd very much like to replace(partly why im bying a cheaper guitar, like the feel, love the look) and I have no idea what to get. I DO want DiMarzio's but they make so many different kinds its hard to know where to start.

Some of my influneces are Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and Paul Gilbert to name a few I've been really listening to a lot lately. I still love metal like Iron Maiden, or stuff like Eric Clapton. So I am hoping to find some that will give me a good range of tone's.

With that said what would you guys suggest me trying out? Also if you give me suggestions please tell me like which slot you'd put it in and why it is a good pickup for say the bridge or neck position!

Thanks for any help. This has been driving me nuts lol
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I have an older roland cube amp, just a small practice type amp. nothing special.

to be honest, new pickups wont help you there. sure there will be a difference but not one to write home about. you can get good tones out of the INF pups, i still have them in my S470 and im happy with them (for the time being)
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well my amp is alright, its not what i want right now but it works fine, decent clean's etc.

I know the INF's will get alright tone's, but I am not looking for just alright :P

Was hoping for some suggestions of what kind of DiMarzio's to get since there are so many different kinds. Like Vai uses several different kinds, Satch uses PAF's and Paul Gilbert changes so frequently its hard to know what he is using