overall it was pretty good. the transitions with the time signature change in the song reminded me of Protest the Hero.
i agree it definitly reminded me of protest the hero
i'd probably work on translations more than anything, like making it actually playable
there was one chord that was like


i lol'd :P
but fer seriouslys, it was epic
Wow this was absolutely great, man. Really good work. The beginning caught my attention right away with those strings and the begging solos.

My only suggestion is that you provide some kind of break in the middle of that chugging section with a little more melody, introducing a new idea away from the triplet chugging. You should also think of a way to flow into it better.

I would also suggest finding a way to appropriately bring back that string melody from the beginning or at least a variation of it. It was too great to only pop up once in my opinion.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1155297
Can you play this?? this is insane, love it!

Try to get better transition to the chags, they're cool, but don't really flow into the rest of it.

9,5 / 10