Greetings all. I find myself faced with a dilemna. I have in my posession a poster. Now, on one side of said poster, there is a rather large image of Static-X. And on the other side of this poster, is an equally large image of Killswitch Engage.

Now, being the mindless pit monkey that i am, i decided i'd let you guys decide for me which band i should display to all those poor souls stupid enough to want to invade the privacy of my room.

Bearing in mind, i like both bands equally as much.
IF you like both bands,.. scan one side and display both!
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can avery1 not read?

anyway KSE are better but you could switch it every day if your sad enough.....

I'd show Killswitch. I'm not a huge fan of either, but I like Killswitch a bit more.

Edit: Also, I hate those double sided posters.

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Heh. Quick edit avery, but not quick enough.
Double sided posters... Bane of my existence...
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get a glass pane, then put the poster on it... suspend said glass from the roof, you poster is now visible on both sides...
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