Hi sorry if this is in the wrong place but ive recently had a problem with my electric guitar, i went for my guitar lesson and everything was good but when i got home and took my guitar out of the case and plugged in i get a buzzing sounds, this goes away when i touch the strings but it has never been there before

I wonder if anyone could tell me what the problem may be as its quite annoyiong, also on how to fix it. i use an epiphone sheraton if that helps in any way.

thanks in advance. Danny
probably noise from the pickups what kind of amp do you use? any fx or distortion pedal? also how loud is your amp turned up?
sounds like you have a grounding issue
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i dont use any pedals and i use a marshall mgdfx 30 amp, i dont have it real loud, its hasnt happened in the 6 months i have owned the guitar this is the first time it has happened.