I think this is in E anyways
I really enjoy it i hope you feel "touched" in one way or another. C4C thanks.
if you guys really like it ima put this in a song.
sad solo.gp5
Mann, It was good, but...

There is soooooo much more you could do with that. Like, small things or big things, you could add so much/change some things and it'd be soo good.

If you were to keep it as it is, then maybe some ringing out on some parts would add a nice effect.

But really, you could just make it a lot more solo-y.

Either way, give it some work and it could go from okay to really good

crit mine? (: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1150048
Was really good for the most part. Some very powerful phrasing and note choice.

There are a couple things you need to watch for though. In both bars 3 and 7 you've got your solo guitar playing an F major arpeggio, while the rhythm is playing C. Not a good mix. You could simply change the F note to an E note (or a G note) and it'd fix the problem.

Otherwise, that ending was really really weak compared to the bars that came before it.

Also, I'm assuming you wrote this in RSE, and provided that's true, please, please pick a less abrasive guitar sound.
haha yea i wrote it for RSE. what do you mean.. Abrasive?
And tom. What small changes could i do?
thanks for the crits so far. I'll check out ur **** in a little bit. Thanks <3.
Quote by mtgold83
haha yea i wrote it for RSE. what do you mean.. Abrasive?

It's just a very bright sharp sound, more suited to shred than to something slow and melodic.