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rabbit (burrows, shells and empty podiums)

it’s a race

you don’t know the who, why or how
but it’s a race and you’re running
you’re running like fire
running on desire and whatever
holy of holies you treasure inside

it’s a race
and you’ve got a new face
newly retraced notions of who
what, when you’re alone
are you alone and scared
or unaware of just how alone you are?

it’s a race
but your running days are gone
and hiding gets old
when you’ve nowhere left to go
and your soul is painted on

but rabbits have burrows
and the tortoise his shell
but you believe you are neither
you’re headed to hell
you’ve strayed from your path
and you know it, yes
you know it so well

it’s a race
it’s a shambles
it’s a rainy day picnic in the park
it’s a stroke of fate
a little late to anticipate
that you’re wrong
but you’re wrong oh so well
so well

it’s a race
but no one will win in the end

thoughts on poetry and its critique

Try telling the thousands
all around the world
that 'I have a dream' wouldn't be
a poetic symphony
if the sounds of the vowels didn't drop
on each second syllable
and take the proverbial step-back
letting the concept take the forefront
of the phrase

Try telling the ex-slave traders
that that single wave of thought
skipping silently
into the mind of their society
wasn't scary
because it lacked a bastard 'b'
to blacken the occasion

And try telling me this
without a hint of poetic integrity-
no assonance with i's and e's intertwining
on the page
and the writer stepping back surprised
at the shocking twists of phrase,
the form and rhyme within the lines
that connotate and connotate

Or give me a just phrase
of nonsense poetry
that is beautiful purely
because of the writers sonical
and lyrical ability
skipping between the Tumtum trees
with no cognitive responsibility.

Please, just give me language,
a tool to connect minds.
Allow the words to breathe
and you might find
within them, a dream
of truth and rhyme combined.
There's only one thing we can do to thwart the plot of these albino shape-shifting lizard BITCHES!
There's only one thing we can do to thwart the plot of these albino shape-shifting lizard BITCHES!