Hi to everyone!

Luckily, last month i joined an awesome metal band that lost his previous guitarist.
The band is quite famous in our underground area and perform as headlinear in every show or fest here in the nearby, so, i needed to upgrade my gear becouse of the large amount of live shows and obviously for a better quality of the sound in live performances.

I started buying an 6505 plus dragoon 4x12 cabinet, and it's ok.
Now is the time of guitar!!

Problamy tons of people had already asked things like that, but, my budget is around 1000$, no more.

I searched the internet for something interesting, but everything seems equal for that price.

In this moment i own and ESP LTD Ec-2005, the one of the anniversary, black satin, EMG60/81 and ebony fingerboard.

Is there any better choices for 1000$??
The LTD model seems all equal for me, so idk if there's a REAL upgrade
what would you suggest??

Thx to everybody
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I think for metal your'e set with the gear you've got. Maybe check out a Schecter Blackjack ATX, a Jackson, or a used Ibanez Prestige. Other than that, I see no problem with what you have.
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so is that true that there's no real upgrade until i reach esp standar or jackson usa?

if so, that's a really good news
How can this mirror, not reflect my I inside??
Dude, you don't need any upgrades. You have good enough gear for live metal shows. I wish I had $1000 for a guitar. I would buy 2 or 3 used off of Craigslist