My guitarist is interested in getting a finger exerciser to work on his finger strength on his fretting hand. This is the kind he is interested in getting. I've heard that this can **** up your joints. Is it true? Are these worth it?
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If you rolled your joints better maybe they wouldn't **** up.

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It won't **** 'em up.
How many threads have you made today, TS?
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It won't **** 'em up.
How many threads have you made today, TS?

I think four
All in a couple hours too.

I think I'm done though.
I gotta get me one of these!

Thanks TS!

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Get a Gripmaster from Guitar Center's website, because you can get these little caps that go on that build calluses as well. It has helped me a ton. I have the extra light but I reccomend getting a step up from that since I am not benefitting enough strength, only callus work.