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The Book: I have both read the book and seen the movie
20 45%
The Movie: I have both read the book and seen the movie
3 7%
The Book: I have not seen the movie
2 5%
The Movie: I have not read the book
15 34%
I Hate Stephen King
4 9%
Voters: 44.
I just finished reading the Shining and i would like to know the opinions of the Pit onto whether they prefered the Movie or the Book. Both works have a similar basis but diverge quite a bit in my opinion.
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The movie.
I dislike Stephen King's writing style immensely.
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Book is slightly better even though JN's acting kicked ass.

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Oh by far the book. Very few books actually have the ability to unnerve me while I'm reading them, and The Shining did it better than the movie. Christine was the same way, actually, loved the book so much more than the movie.
The book cause the movie took some elements that were important
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I found the ending to the book much more satisfying than the ending to the movie as well. not to mention that the character development made Jack's transformation all the better in the book.
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i never saw the movie but i read the book a couple times and it was pretty sweet.

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I dislike Stephen King's writing style immensely.

well that's because you're wrong.
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The book. My imagination scares me more than Stanley Kubrick ever could.
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I didn't think the book or the movie was that great. I thought Misery was a much better read, and was much scarier, to be honest. I enjoyed the movie of that more than The Shining, as well.
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Both were great, but the book was better.
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The movie is amazing, but the book is a million times better. Stephen King is an extremely talented writer, even if Lisey's Story sucked.
The book, because I can have al sorts of weird sexual fantasies while I'm reading it.
Did I say that out loud?
The book. I think the movie should have stuck more to the original writing. I mean, it changed so much. I wish they would do a remake.
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The book for sure. I hated how the movie started Jack right out as a freak weirdo, but the book actually showed the slow transformation of an average troubled, legit guy into a psychopath.
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Both are truly amazing. Although i do prefer the book more. Mr. King was Godly at this point in his career.
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I've only seen a bit of the movie, but it seemed pretty good, and i thought the book was way overrated and really slow.
So, i say the movie.
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well that's because you're wrong.
Me having an opinion that differs from yours does not make me wrong.
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Ive never read the book but the movie gave me so many nightmares when i was 10
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I found the ending to the book much more satisfying than the ending to the movie as well. not to mention that the character development made Jack's transformation all the better in the book.

i disagree. I feel that King's ending was really predictable. I remember the book having that cliche "...and they lived happily ever after" ending which was a real let-down. But it was the book's only flaw I believe.

Kubrick's vision of how the story finished was much darker and stayed away from the traditional "hollywood ending" where all the loose ends get tied up. In Kubrick's The Shining, the protaganist didn't redeem himself, there was no resolution to his character. Instead, Kubrick decided to have Jack killed before he has the chance to chop up his family, leaving the boy fatherless which I thought was much cooler. And that last shot in the movie which shows Nicholson's dead frozen body in the snow, that was awesome. The transformation that Jack experienced went from being a loving father and husband to a psychopathic, axe-wielding [wait wasn't it a croquet racket in the book?] killer. Having his character transform BACK into a normal person isn't satisfying at all. It's a copout. As a reader/viewer of horror texts you dont want to see the charcters being normal people, you want to see them lose their fvcking minds by going on killing sprees. You want to see blood being spilt, heads being cut off, and crazy monsters. You don't wanna see families sitting on a dock watching the sun set. I dunno, maybe its just me who feels this way but I believe the ending to the movie was MUCH more satisfying.

One of my favourite scenes in the movie is where Jack is chasing his son through the hedge maze with an axe. I think this was a scene added to Kubrick's adaptation of the Shining. I don't remember it ever being in the book.

The book definitely had some elements which were left out of the movie that I liked, but I remember being really disappointed by its ending. As for which I prefer .... can't really decide. If the book had the movie's ending then I believe the book would be MUCH greater.

Edit: DAMN now i really wanna see the movie again/re-read the book.
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