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After a week or so of heavy playing I thought it was about time I gave a full run down of the ins and outs of my latest acquisition. I don’t like expressing my opinions upon receipt since it takes a while for a personality to emerge in any instrument; this one being no exception.

The guitar is from Equator Instruments ( www.equatorinstruments.com ) and is a “standard hollowbody” model; I can’t recommend David highly enough. The service was second to none, he listened to everything I had to say and responded accordingly.. Now onto the guitar itself; let’s look at some specs:

-Bent cedar top
-Mascarey sides
-Clavallin back

-Colorado neck
-Maple fingerboard

The maple fingerboard is something I particularly like on all my guitars and given a choice I will always go for an oiled maple board over anything. I don’t get on with ebony fingerboards, my sweat seems to react with ebony and I have to clean the fretboard very regularly. Anyway back on topic; I normally go for Dunlop 6230 frets on all my guitars; however on this one I decided to go for the Stewmac Mandolin wire; it is slightly shorter and slightly thinner than the 6230 and feels almost the same as the worn 6230s on my Gibson; making for an easy transition. Feeling the fretboard under your fingertips is very important on a guitar for me; I like the “stringy” sound it gives also.

The neck carve is a reasonably thick “C” shape which is something I turned onto after playing a few old Kramer “baseball bat” necks; it makes for comfortable chording up and down the neck and doesn’t make my hand cramp up like some “thin” neck styles do. The back of the neck is glossy; but is thin enough not to be sticky. I always find the neck is the hardest part of the guitar to get right; I’ve had to pass on a fair few guitars that had a beautiful sound but the neck didn’t “fit”. In contrast this guitar is like a pair of old jeans; it’s totally effortless to play.

The acoustic sound of this guitar is breathtaking; this is easily one of the most resonant guitars I’ve ever played. When you hit an open E-chord the headstock vibrates wildly, the sheer volume of the guitar hits you right away as well. For an electric hollowbody this thing is extremely loud, considerably louder than my Gibson. That being said it is not a “boomy” loudness which is the trouble with some hollowbodies, it is quite a “delicate” sound and is extremely touch sensitive. Don’t think that the single notes and octaves lack body however; they have a nice plump low end. I’m seriously impressed, being a smaller hollowbody I was a little concerned that it would suffer the “thin weedy sound” syndrome that some have, I keep looking inside the instrument to try and work out how David did it; so far I haven’t worked it out!

Now a little bit about the pickups; these are from Chris at rockmonkey guitars here in the UK ( www.rockmonkeyguitars.com ) They are not on the website as far as I know, as I talked to Chris about making some Charlie Christian styled pickups for a humbucker housings and these are the first incarceration of that idea. Again the service was second to none, the first set of pickups got lost in the post and to make up for it I received the second set in a couple of days along with a free Klotz cable for the trouble! Anyways back to the pickups themselves: Charlie Christian and Barney Kessel are tone gods to my ear and I love that chewy-horn like midrange and highend fuzz you get with the CC pickups. Of course getting this in a humbucker housing (without the mounting bracket of the original CCs) is extremely difficult; but I am very impressed with the results. They have more of a modern vibe; while retaining the chewiness; I intend to use these for my “rockier” exploits as well as my jazzy side. On the clean side of things it’s everything you expect from a CC style pickup; they love that “edge of breakup” part of the volume knob and they have that quality that you can “hear the windings on the strings” for lack of a better description. With overdrive they have an aggressive honky-barky midrange that is somewhat like a p90 but can get very “smooth” and “silky” by changing the pick attack. I was also amazed at how good they sound with my crunchbox also; I may actually keep the crunchbox in my rig now. It gives a very aggressive Sonic-Youth/Dinosaur Jr sort of sound when used in this way.

I think that should about cover it for now; if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask. As for clips I am afraid I am unable to provide any at present as I don’t have a recording rig. Next time I hit the studio I shall try and record a cheeky demo when the drummer is going out for a ciggy or something. Oh and I apologise for my crappy pictures; it’s really cloudy today and my camera is rather subpar to say the least. There are a few more (better quality) pictures at:


I am not very fond of “over the top” flames and quilts so the aesthetics of this guitar is pretty much perfect; figured but at the same time understated.

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Now, that's a hollow I'd buy. HNGD
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Now, that's a hollow I'd buy. HNGD

True that! Excellent looking guitar. And a nice review.

Ummm, this looks like Treys guitar from Phish, A LOT. Either way, cool lookin guitar.
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Ummm, this looks like Treys guitar from Phish, A LOT. Either way, cool lookin guitar.

It was based on that guitar... If I had $10,000 to spend on a guitar I may consider a Languedoc... As it stands I do not!

For sale: Early 1985 Ibanez AH10 (Allan Holdsworth signature model) PM for details
wow, awesome guitar, lewis. Great review too, as always. I've bookmarked equator guitars' website, too

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sexy-ass guitar
[quote="'[VictorinoX"]']It's the sound of Satan himself ripping through the electronics in the guitar....

It's a pinch harmonic, dude.
Out of curiosity, where is Equator Instruments located (i.e. where did the guitar ship from)?

The woods on those guitars look amazingly awesome. HNGD
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