Death By Audio fuzz War - $150

Way Huge Swollen pickle - $160

MJM Foxey Fuzz - $180

Out of these three fuzz pedals, which would you guys recommend for the meanest, rumbling roar? I'm talking a Big Muff on steroids. In other words, I don't want anything thin and nasally, just the thickest, bassiest fuzz around.

If you have any other ideas as well, lets hear them! Thanks for all help in advance.

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yeti fuzz pedal by tortuga?

The Fuzztortion? Yeah, that's a good pedal too.
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get a fuzzhugger AB synth

And WHO has been saying this for a year?

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after today's fiasco on HCFX i'm planning on getting one

What fiasco?
my pick is the swollen pickle, i can get a good the sword sound with it
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I'm torn right now over whether to get:

a) Death by Audio Fuzz War
b) EarthQuaker Devices Hoof
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What fiasco?

Zachary Vex threw a bitch fit when someone made a "AB-Synth vs. Fuzz Factory" thread. Hilarity ensues.
Thick, heavy, bowel-movement-inducing fuzz = Death by Audio Fuzz War.

The Hoof is more of a muffish fuzz. Not as heavy.
^ Ditto... why is he getting so anal about price difference?
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What the hell is a G&L.

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Good god.

He's one touchy ****er isn't he?

I agree....the AB-SYNTH kicks ass as far as oscillations go.
It's also way cooler and looks better.
Big Muff on steroids ehh, check out the green Sovtek Muffs, filthy nasty fuzz tones
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