For all you foot fetish lovers, post some feet!

I Jennifer Aniston
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Yeah I'd screw her right between the index and middle toe.

I'd get both of them and pound my **** against them.
mmmmm sexy.

not. I'd rather stick my dick in a nuclear powered blender than f*ck those feet.

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Rap is music,far better than metal for example. id much rather hear about hoes and anal sex than dragons and supressed homosexuality.
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you just ruined my fap you dick

Happy to be of service.
There's no such thing as feet.
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Dude, that was just pure win, i laughed the entire way

first stack ^
wow, I kinda get the cute feet fetish, but those are all just gross
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I would join in and make it an orgy, f*cking my father up the ass while he gives it hard to my sweet little pumpkin, culminating in me cumming all over his bearded face.

...is that what you wanted to hear?

Feet are fucking disgusting.
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There's no such thing as feet.

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clearly, the goal is to convert every thread into a discussion about BTBAM

Of all the mysteries of the earth, I will never understand how someone can find a foot erotic and sexy.