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Probably the best band in my lifetime/ever.

Finally! I Understand.
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everytime they get me. the hairs on my neck just can't take it.
I was totally blown away the first time I heard them.
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Agreed. ( ) is a masterpeice, takk, med sud and ágætis byrjun are brilliant, but i think von is horrible :P just my opionion, too out there for me.
That's Heavy, Man.
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Agaetis Byrjun > Anything else they've done...

There's a live video on Youtube of them from 2001 in Philadelphia, first time I ever heard them, it should be under "sigur ros reverb" - ****ing fantastic, it's half an hour long and they play 3 songs.... but it's the best performance I've ever seen them do.

Hvarf/Heim was decent, but their newest album I didn't really like... Agaetis Byrjun is definately their best work.
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If anyone is stuck trying to find Heima since it is sold out just about everywhere, I think you can get it on the asda website still, i got it last week and it is quality!
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Christ. There's a relatively big one in A&I.
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