I really wanna take my soloing and guitarplaying to the next level. I really wanna
learn to play fast, you know that fast **** like Nuno Bettencourt and Steve lukather does (i know there is a lot more speedheroes out there )
My problem is, that i have no clue on where to begin. There are millions of videos and lessons out there, but that only confuses me more.
One thing is to play fast, but you also gotta have some idea of what notes to play to make your speed soloing run smooth and sound nice and not like ****.
I don't know if my problem is understandable, but i would really apreciate if anybody out there that perhaps have had the same problem and now know how to solve it and gain complete control over speed and fretboard would give me an answer.


p.s I know my english sucks, but i'm working on it..
Well whatever you play, start off by doing it slowly, speeding up slowly and making the movement as efficient as possible, with the least possible amount of extra movement. That way, when you speed up your playing will still sound clean and clear

Other than that, I would suggest finding TABs for your favourite solos and learn them...then you can gather together the licks that you like best and use them yourself.