So, I've been playing guitar for a few years, and I'd really like to write some songs. The problem is, I have no idea how to start writing a song :S

Any suggestions, techniques, or ideas would be appreciated Thank you.
Learn music theory first. It took me about a year to fully get down the basics, but it's definitely worth it. Get a music theory book, or a teacher. This site can also help you but i'd start off with a book or teacher
Don't expect it to come easy because it usually doesn't, and there's nothing wrong with that
good luck
I guess it depends what sort of song you wanna play!? I'm not what ya call a shredder but I compose a fair number of songs! I found learning how to harmonize a major scale was of a massive benefit for progressions that I could ssing over. Start simple with a verse // chorus> 12 BAR BLUES MY FREIND WILL ALLOW YOU TO PLAY ONE PROGRESSION OF 3 CHORDS FOR AN INFINATE NUMBER OF SONGS!