I've been playing guitar a for a few years, but mostly, I just learn little tid-bits of songs that I like. I don't know any scales other than the Pentatonic, and I know only a few notes on the Fretboard. I want to be able to solo and play fast lead, as well as create my own music, but I'm not sure how to go about it. Anyone have some tips, or something I can get to help me get past this road block? Thank you and have a blessed day
Learn some new scales and there intervals. Major is a good place to start. Play around with note length and alternate rhythm types etc.
To at least get started soloing, all you really need is the pentatonic. I suggest you learn the Major scale soon, however. Playing fast and accurately takes practice. Sounding good in your improv takes playing experience. Get a jam buddy, or get a microphone for your computer so you can jam with yourself, JUST PLAY! The more you solo, the better you will be at it.

Oh, and learn all the positions of the scale, not just the one.