I don't see why not. It just might be annoying to change presets between songs.

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Haha. UG's Chuck just said chuck. haha
You're not truly playing guitar unless you know theory.
Good temporary solution. Not suitable for long term use. Useful for learning about effects and such.
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idunno whether its a great idea to go with the digitech in general, i have a digitech RP200 i hardly use (got it for my birthday when i first got into guitar) and it sounds pretty meh. the most ive ever used it recently was when my amp was broken, so i had to use it with headphones. not pretty...

im thinking about selling it, sorry if this is thread jack-age of any sort, but where's the best place to sell?

in conclusion, i think its worth investing i a different multi fx, my mate has a zoom one (the one with a tube in it) and he can get some awsome tones out of it! rather than the digitealised noise i get from my digitech

edit: what is your current rig, styles, venues looking to play and of course, budget?
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That RP200 is pretty old and not worth much. Maybe $30 to $50 (tops) on Craigslist. The RP500 is much different and I'd heard good things about it. There is a potential for any multifx to sound crappy. The amp makes a big difference. But tweaking it to the amp you're using is extremely important. When you have so many tweaking options it becomes even more difficult to get a great tone. There's no reason why you couldn't use an RP350 in a gig. It's really an individual choice.
Thx guys, I gotta Marshall so its probably best i stick with effect pedals then. Ty guys