I'm from Italy. I'm searching for a kirk hammett-like sound.
I've just bought a Mesa Quad preamp, because a person advised me that amp.
Now i'm lookin 4 a good poweramp. I can't manage to find a strategy 400, but i found a used 500.
Do u think it's a good choice, shall i buy it? and what about speakers?
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The 500 seems like a pretty good alternative if you can't find the 400. As for speakers, look into Avatar speakers.

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I'd go with either a Mesa/Avatar/Framus/Orange 2x12 or 4x12 with Vintage 30's.
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Idk about what you'd find in Italy, but I've seen a few Marshall EL34 100/100 and 50/50 monoblocs on Ebay over here, and they're quite a good little unit.

As for speakers, I don't really know, I'm biased to Marshall cabs in that respect.
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ok, but should I look for particular cabs (it seems to me they usually have a maximum power capability) or everyone is right?
anyway i think i'll take the strategy 500. thank you!
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