Hey Ug!

I've been after for a loop station for a while, and i've found this.


Anyone had any experience with this? Can you use two tracks at the same time or have one track dedicated to each switch?

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awsome pedal!

got mine a couple weeks ago and its great, took me a few hours to get used to, but its fairly simple, and the instruction manual is really helpful!

and reverse function is fun for trippy shiz

i had before tried the single pedal version of the boss looper but found it far more complicated, so i'd deffo recommend the RC20XL over that.
bare in mind i only had limited experience with the single pedal version, so it might be ok if you get used to it if you wanted the cheaper option, although it lacks some features of its bigger counterpart.

you can layer over each track plenty of times, but if you want to quickly change between two or more recorded phrases, you need to plug in an extra pedal (not sure how expensive they are, but i doubt they cost much)
the pedals on the looper itself are merely for recording processes, with the left one play, record, stop recording etc, and the right one to stop playing and can be used for tap temp, although there is also a smaller tap tempo button
my buddy has the RC20, and it love it to death. it sounds awesome and has an easy to use interface. plus the reverse loop option makes the nuttiest sounds ever.
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