hey guys and girls of the UG forum, anyone interested in buying a Digitech RP200 multi fx?

its a great pedal for beginners, i got it from my nan+grandad when i started getting into guitar, but dont really have a use for it now as i favour individual stomp boxes

im only looking to sell it good and cheap as i really don't need it any more, and only use it for silent practice occasionally, and now i have my blackstar with its headphone input, i dont even need it for that!

has a whole hos of features, amp modelling, compresser, EQ, lots of effects, expression pedal which can be assigned to a mix of things, and a more features

any offers, let me know!
im in the UK, in London

im happy with money offers of maybe £30, but you can haggle :P
or if anyone has a muff they really dont want we could come to some sort of arrangement!

here's what it looks like:


if you want more details like what it can model, what effects it has and things like that just let me know. i didn't want to crowd my first post too much