I am self taught so i thought it would be best to just jump into tabs and start playing them which kinda ruined my technique now i am trying to change that by learning the techniques that are in the song first then playing it and for the last couple days i have been working on my triplets for the intro of through struggle by as i lay dying and now have that down so what other techniques do they use in the song because i want to practice those before i atttempt the rest of the song
*sigh* That was tiring to read.
Try using punctuation instead of one long sentence to make it easier to read.

I've never heard the song, but I'd practice 'Hammer ons' and 'Pull offs', maybe some bends and work on your palm muting technique.
Scales, alternate picking, legato, tapping. That´s pretty much the basics. Oh, and POWER CHORDS!
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o sorry. i'm not that great with punctuation. i learned hammer ons and pull offs from just playing and you have to palm mute the triplets. My problem is i dont know the difference between different types of bends. Also can i join your Metallica Fans group?
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song isnt that hard you should be fine

i just have a question about that sound before the verse that sounds like a bend to me how do i do that?
It sounds like he's either bending a note higher up on the fretboard, or bending a pinch harmonic.
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Can you name some metal scales for me so i can look them up?

Metal doesn't have any unique scales at all, they usually use either the blues scale or the minor scale. You should probably just learn the minor, mayor and blues scale.
Beginning. Open power chord, of course.

Triplets: Palm mute these. When the second guitar comes in, that's a harmony.

Yes, at 44 seconds that's a bend on the 2nd string, 21st fret.

Verse: Palm mute almost every open note. There's some tricky alternate picking.

Bridge to Chorus: Use heavy palm muting.

Chorus: For the lead notes use alternate picking and pull offs. It's going to be weird because the throw three triplets in there. Nothing during the chorus is palm muted.

Breakdown at the end. Use the same technique used during the chorus to play the lead, and yes, there's a pinch harmonic near the beginning of the breakdown. You wont get it to sound exactly the same because it's a pinch harmonic harmony.
learn pentatonics, natural minor scale and harmonic minor scale and you have most metal riffs covered, although many new bands break the rules of theory. still it is good to understand some theory.
on the part right after the bend with the open palm mutes and the notes on the fifth string. i am supposed to down pick the notes on the sixth string and pick up on the fifth string ones to make an alternate pick motion right?