I recently took out my old telecaster that has been under my bed for months, and decided to fix it. I used the 2 volume no tone wiring, from seymour duncan website. Everything works fine but when I turn the switch there are popping noises every time I turn it. Do I need a new switch or is the problem fixable?

check all the soldering, if its good/clean, yeah youll need a new switch. if its bad soldering, try resoldering first.
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ya the switch itself is pretty worn out, ill be getting a new switch tomorrow. thanks for the reply
It's not soldering or grounding.

If a new switch doesn't fix it, nothing will. That popping noise is from the switch contacts themselves when they break from one postition into the next. Normally it's not much of a problem but sometimes you'll see it happen.
If you're planning to replace the switch anyway, spray some Windex on it.
(trust me on this, even though it seems odd)
Run the switch back and forth a couple of times.
It'll probably be fine for the next year.
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