Hey I've been comparing the Palm Pre which is with Sprint and the iPhone 3G S, and I kind of can't choose. I'm currently using AT&T, and i've never used Sprint so maybe you guys could tell me how they're service compares and stuff. Thanks!
I don't now. Call them maybe?

The Pit won't help.
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get a regular phone and save monies
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iPhones are pretty awesome, although the second generation models come with the same features, and are WAY cheaper. There's barely any difference.
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get a regular phone and save monies

/agree and as of right now most of the 3G services are trash.
iPhone is better than that palm ****, but At&t are a bunch of jews who like to steal your money with pointless fees and ridiculously binding contracts.

With this information, I command you to be a big boy and figure it out all by yourself.
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