I've played guitar for quite a while, but I have no experience in any of the electricals whatsoever >< I'll keep it short:

Last year I bought an 80's strat, with Seymour Duncan Hotrails in the bridge (not a plasticy one apparently, an original) a stacked Seymour Duncan in the middle and a Seymour Duncan 'Little 59' in the neck.

A few days ago, I bought an ESP Ltd EC-100QM, with 4 ESP LH-150 pickups (2 in pairs, like a humbucker without the cover on? I think...). Anyway, I wanna make the new one have some decent treble somewhere but also a nice crunch and some good bass, respectively. What combinations, with all the 7 pickups that I own, would be good?

Sorry about the terrible descriptions and that, I'm new to this and am desperate to learn about pickups to create my own sound or somethin

Anything is greatly appreciated, Cheers
dont worry, it is.
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