Your version of Buried Alive is pretty good, if a little too similar to the original.
Find The Real was played far too quickly, I always loved the laid back feel of that song.
Haven't heard the original of Crash so can't really compare.
I really like the original(?) one on there, Not Ungrateful, that sound takes me back a few years Did you write that?
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Yes, we did write Not Ungrateful....how does it take you back? Please elaborate

Well, I suppose it reminds me of the bands you listed as your influences, Nickelback, Alter Bridge, Breaking Benjamin, and also a band I haven't listened to for ages, Dark New Day, reckon you might like them actually.
I only listened to your cover of "Crash". I love 12 Stones, and I have to say that while your voice isn't fully like their singer's, you did a great job. The notes were spot on, and you carried the emotion of the song well.

As far as guitar goes, I have two complaints: one, during the chorus, it needs to come out more. Two, the solo wasn't spot on, though I'm unaware of whether or not that's what you were going for.

As I said, great job!

C4C, please? XD

We weren't trying to rerecord the song, we were attempting to do our 'own version", which is why the solo was different. It's not a well known solo that must be kept the same for the sake of the song, it's a really simple guitar solo. Thanks for the feedback
Yeah, like I said, if that's not what you were going for, it's fine. You even kept the unison rhythm between the solo and drums in there, so it still turned out well.

yeah, if you notice, the bass in the 2nd verse if the intro part, not the bass part they do on the recording. We switched a few things up.
Oh, definitely. I liked how you took the verse part and made it distorted the second time around. Gave it some new life. ^.^