In case i have not described this properly, this simply tapping but instead of using your finger on your right hand you use a side-ways facing pick.

For instance its featured on surfing with the alien by Joe Satriani

I was wondering if this can damage the strings at all? The edge of a pick can be quite sharp....... do you think that too much pick tapping might 'saw' away the guitar string?

Also if yes would a thin or thick pick do more damage when pick tapping??

Thanks in advance shredders.

metal is much harder than plastic, you're fine
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Regardless, you should be changing your strings every month or few anyways =P
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I've put slight kinks into my strings before with heavier picks. Thin picks have more give, so they're not as bad. The kinks didn't make too much of a difference, though. I switched my strings before they got too bad.
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metal is much harder than plastic, you're fine

I'm with this guy. If you do a lot of pick slides on soft picks, you can break them from sawing the edges of the picks, with no harm to the strings, so I would think that pick tapping wouldn't do damage to the strings. For reference, I believe that along with Satch, Vai, Randy Rhoads, and Alex Skolnick have all used this technique.
it shouldn't cause any problem at all, unless you are using metal picks. some picks have sharper edges than other but it really shouldn't be 'that' sharp unless you are actually sharpening it.

this technique is used by a bunch of guitarists including kirk hammett, satch, vai, randy rhoads, i could go on...
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different sound. You know like the difference between fingerpicking and picking notes.
The only thing you could possibly damage is the pick itself. Specially if you like to slide with the pick to finish the tapping lick.
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