If you want chords for it send me a msg and ill send them to you.
i wrote this for a gig so plz if u have ne suggestions give them but do not beat me up im not that great of a song writer and this sounds better with the tune i have and the guitar behind it. (the girl this is about is pissed at me for writing this now....fml)

hey im home alone strummin on my guitar
goin down a road to nowhere land
ridin by myself on a tandum bike
so why dont u hop on to the other seat
we will ride to candyland and get us a free treat.
the road is bumpy and full of potholes
but i dont really care
its fun none the less, and im gonna share my free treat with you

Some people enjoy their free treats with candy and ice cream too
But I prefer to have it with a side of you
So lets ride that bike past the chocolate milk river
Runnin through the middle of candyland
We will hop in our canoes and say goodbye to candyland

So run with me now past the sno-cone village and licorice park
We will find our way to that land of candy hearts
In candyland

We run and we scream at the top lungs
Catchin the gum drop rain on our tounges
We will keep on running past the wax bottle forest
Keep on running as fast as we can
So that we can say goodbye to candy land

Well its almost night time now and all the people have gone to sleep
But we will keep on runnin till the ground cuts up our feet
The road away from candy land
Candy land

The free treats now rest in our hands
We had a fun filled day just as planned
Cant wait for another trip to candyland
Candyland, candyland
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I really enjoy the honesty in this. There's very little bullshit cliches, you just say what you want to say, and I like that.
haha ill try
ive written a few before but they were just humerous and not good lol
I like it, the lyrics are fun and vivid. The only suggestion I could see, is to not repeat candyland so many times. But that is personal preference.
yeah i see what you mean but the whole point of that was to be able to fade outafter each verse and then make the chorus really pop out.