I am trying to sell my Ovation CS245 12 string guitar. This guitar is about 4 years old, but is in near mint condition! I just don't play it enough any more and could use the extra money. It is an acoustic/electric, with a tuner built right into the side of the body of the guitar. There is no case, however, I am including a small (i think 10-12") Ibanez amp, model no. IBZ10A literally in BRAND NEW condition, a cord to plug the guitar into it, a strap, and a guitar stand. I'm asking $500 for the whole package; please see the list below for separate prices. This guitar is no longer made by Ovation, so you won't find it in stores. Email me at brettmiller7@gmail.com for pictures.


Separate Prices:
12 String Guitar: $450
Ibanez Amp: $60
Guitar Stand: $10
Cord: $5
Strap: $5