Right now i've been using some fender medium and heavy plectrums (not sure on exact dimensions), but i find that after a day of jamming along to some metal tracks and doing speed excersices, they quickly start to become defigured and shredded. Then they have too much resistance on the strings because of the shredded edge?

So what is the best/most preferred plectrum for playing metal (fast picking/chords as well as soloing) that will be just right.
I don't want them to wear away really quickly or provide too much resistance for the strings.

I know alot of people praise Jazz III picks for fast playing, but IMO for a pick it's all up to your own preferences.

Edit: Sorry I just glanced over your post and missed the part about seratting the edges of your picks. Personally I like to use dunlop 1mm nylon picks. I find they have a very long life and in most cases play a little better with some wear on them.
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Dunlop Jazz III and XL are good for control.

Guaranteed #1 answer. I use the XLs because I have large hands
Jazz III ^ +1. They have a Jazz III Eric Johnson out now. Got those coming in mail.
The jazzIII are good for shred and fast lead stuff as they are pointy and small they give good control, but they are not so great for strumming etc. I use them pretty much all the time though except with my acoustic.

They give a lot of attack to the notes, some people like that, others don't. Paul Gilbert uses a more rounded conventional heavy pick because allows you to do a more "cello" type sound as well as sharp attack depending on the angle.
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What makes Jazz III so good?
Good for metal?

It just has that perfect tip... Not much more to it.
jim dunlop jazz III's - especially the new ultex ones.

perfect for almost EVERYTHING; theres very little i wouldnt play with them - ska, maybe some reggae, acoustic or surf-rock etc maybe.

for alternate, tremolo, sweep, and downpicking, jazz III's **** all over other picks
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actually, look for the Jazz III tortex picks. they have the same shape, size, control, and playability, but the sound has a bit more bite and clarity. the .88 mm (green) are good if you want a bit of give on the pick, but the 1.14 mm (purple) are good for the heavy pick fans. and they have a fracking turtle on them, the most metal of all animals. they also make them in ultex, but i haven't tried them. also, there is an ultex pick with a sharp point that James Hetfield helped design, give that a go.
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I use a Dunlope .46 I always have the little white ones
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I've tried Jazz IIIs and they're really not for me, I don't play with the pointy side of the pick anyway so it doesn't really do much

I like Dunlop Tortex, mainly because my fingers sweat when I play and tortex won't slide.
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Been using Planet Waves Black Ice and really like them. There pretty much an oversized Jazz III

dude me too, i love these things. they have a better material than the jazz 3 and have options. and are a tad larger. they last a little shorter, but are worth it imo
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