My friend here seems to feel Squier is a good quality brand, and can easily be used in place of Fender's American custom shop. I have played his guitar; 2 pickups (SSS) don't work, it's volume knob is missing, as is a third of the headstock. It can't hold tune, but is trem-blocked *with a lego of questionable repute*. He consistantly "Plays" on this "guitar", suggesting it to be superior to my PRS Private stock. This is honestly beginning to bother me, as he will grab my guitar when I am not looking, and do ridiculous stage moves with it, risking my 10,000$ investment piece.

He is an highly-imposing 6' 9" Black man whom can withstand 2-4 straight tasers before going down (With you with him). He makes violent animal noises at night, which terrify me. I think he ate a cop once who called him for disturbing the peace. What do I do?

That is him on the left.

Halp mah.

tl;dr version: My lead guitarist plays a Squier strat. May or may not be a black WWE wrestler. Is actually a good player.
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Has he ever played a realy guitar?

Yes. My PRS Private stock single-cut, and my B.b. king sig. gibson
I've played many fantastic MIJ Squiers that were built in the '80s. I have a '92 Squier Hank Marvin Strat, I personally think it's one of the nicest Strats I've ever played, it's quite alot nicer than my MIA Standard, which in itself is better than most MIA Standards I've played.
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I lol'd.

If his guitar is really in as bad shape as you say it is, he knows it's not really that good. That said, he has something of a point. If Carlos Santana picked up his guitar he would still sound orgasmically good.

Just tell him to be careful with your incredibly expensive guitar.
Oh shut up your trol hole
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Hey man i played a lot of high end guitars that were junk. The guitar has to "fit" for it to be any good. Maybe he fits with that guitar.
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Oh shut up your trol hole

pretty much. first off, your profile says you own an epiphone les paul, NOT a $10,000 PRS. i'm pretty sure i'd post a $10,000 PRS as a piece of equipment if i owned one.

secondly, the second part of what you said made no sense at all. i don't really know what don king's fighter has to do with this story. i think you (very poorly) tried to say he was the one with the squire. prove it. take a picture of him with his amazingly awesome lego'ed squire and i'll believe this story. if this were true it sounds like he'd be more than happy to pose for a picture with it.
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did he just say that squier is better than PRS? did I jus... Troll?
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Your friend is a troll, although Squiers are fine. You are also a troll.
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Punch him in the gut and pray you survive!

I'm not sure I could? You saw that picture, right? He's up against Mike Tyson! Mike God damn Tyson!!!
Obvious troll is obvious.
I was willing to play along until you mentioned your "B.B. King sig Gibson"

I then called BS
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I almost forgot. If he really is a WWE wrestler, then you can just change the script so that he's not supposed to me talking smack anymore.
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Obvious troll is obvious.
I was willing to play along until you mentioned your "B.B. King sig Gibson"

I then called BS

What's wrong with Lucille? It's a fantastic guitar. I just don't want it piledrived into the ground.
LOL, you either are trolling or your profile is way outta date.

That being said: Squiers CAN be good, MIJ ones were excellent; but the only ones really worth getting are the Classic Vibe or the Vintage Modified series models.
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seeing as how evander holyfield is 6'2" (not 6'9") and that the holyfield vs tyson II fight was in 1997, i can't believe people are still commenting on this thread.
Old japanese squiers are fantastic, they can stand up to any guitar with no problem

Though even the newer ones you can find a jem if you look hard enough, the QC and model to model quality wont be as good as say an american fender but you can find a good one if you look and are patient