Hey guys,

I need people to come and test out my sites upgrade -

It has a cool community profile system like facebook, only guitar orientated.

But yeah, do you write guitar, news, review, or lesson articles? Would you like to become a contributor on our site?

Cheers for the help, GT99
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a little too much advertising.

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I LOVE writing.

But unfortunately no, I would not like to do that, simply for the fact that I thought this thread was going to be a discussion about our love for writing. I am dissappointed.
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Isn't UG a guitar community already?

You're actually competing against UG at the moment. Shame on you.
Ah, sorry guys. It wasn't intended as advertising, just a question to fellow guitarists. I didn't know where else to ask!
An alternative to UG?

I call blasphemy.
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Haha, good point, well made! But ok, hear me out this time! What do you think of it?
I'll be happy to write reviews as I go to guitarcenter / music shops weekly, so i could take recommendations for electric or acoustic guitars and review em
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An alternative to UG?

I call blasphemy.

I call madness.
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do you know where i can find the tabs?


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